Tatyana Pope

VP Business Development

Tatyana brings over 20 years of experience delivering government contracts and direct commercial sales. Her career with KIG started in 2010 when she captured the $250 Million U.S. Army’s Entry Control Point – 3 (ECP-3) IDIQ contract to provide force protection surveillance and inspection equipment for the U.S. Army throughout Afghanistan. In the years that followed, Tatyana won numerous Department of State and Department of Defense contracts and provided program support on number of Task Orders under the U.S. Air Force Counter- Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO). While with KIG, she led capture and program support in Tunisia, Morocco, Lesotho, Cuba, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Belize, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Mexico, and Honduras. Tatyana led company’s initiative to team with many large prime contractors, such as PAE, Raytheon, Boeing, MEP, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, DynCorp, SOSI, FIELD (ARINC), Leidos, GDIT, SRA, CGI, L-3, EPS, and Adams.

Prior to joining KIG, Tatyana managed Russian and African markets for a leading heavy equipment exporter and international financier. She managed commercial programs for a SVDOSB company in Iraq, when she advanced them to the top two pre-qualifiers to rebuild the Port of Umm Qasr. Tatyana also worked for a major distance learning company, when she helped them build distance learning capacity in Russia and structure channel partnerships in several European countries. She also ran a program with the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency at Fort Belvoir for a small technology firm and expanded company’s interests in Russia by participating in the U.S. Government led Trade Missions. Prior to that Tatyana also worked for a Washington, DC based PR firm, where she organized many Homeland Security and Disaster Response summits and briefings on Capitol Hill, at the Washington Convention Center, and National Press Club. She worked directly with embassies of over 40 countries. In 2005, Tatyana spearheaded the US-Russia Anti-Terrorism cooperation by organizing U.S. delegations to Moscow and Russian delegations to Washington, DC, in support of bi-lateral initiatives formed by the newly established U.S. Department of Homeland Security and led by Congressman Curt Weldon, the then Vice Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee & Founder of the Congressional Homeland Security Caucus.